Meal Planning For Dogs

This meal planning is done for you

I would like to share a meal planning for dogs I created for my daily routine with my 3 dogs here in Canada. I am using it for over 16 years with fantastic success! This meal planning is done for you; you have nothing to do. I even included two of my preferred ingredients, but you are free to use them independently.

You can use this dog planner for any dog’s ages, even for puppies and senior dogs. It’s so useful; you will see it once you will try it.

Why it’s free?

Because I want to help you and anybody willing to put some love and effort into their dog’s meal in the hope of achieving great success with health.

Sheet size 8.5×11 inches

How Does It Work?

1. The first step would be to create your first batch of a weekly meal.

To do so, please have a look at this recipe. I explain all the steps to create a batch of 14 meals that’s good for 2 weeks. (I do it for my 3 dogs, so trust me, it’s working very well). That recipe is 100% non-fat and extremely healthy. If you have a senior dog, it will be perfect, but it suits dogs at every age. I even feed this to my friend who owns a 2 years old boxer pup.

2. The second step is to decide if you want to feed your dog one time, two times or three times per day. That, of course, depends if you work from home or not.

For those early birds who wake up before 10pm, 3 small meals daily are perfect. Just make sure the portion are not too significant. Even if recipes are healthy, too much is like too few, so just try your best to give a reasonable amount.

An important note to remember is dogs’ digestion takes around 5 to 6 hours, so try your best to give space between meals, and don’t forget to provide at least 15 minutes with a walk outside. That helps to digest as well.

3. Once you have decided the number of meals per day, try your best to keep this routine all year long. Dogs prefer to stick to a pattern rather than jumping from one meal to 3 meal another day. It may stress your dog, actually.

You will notice I put two ingredients on the weekly dog planner. Yes, it might sound weird for some, but Curcuma/Turmeric is excellent for dogs and very healthy, so try to grate a few Curcuma over the meal; it’s recommended. I recommend adding it to a meal ONCE a day, NOT on every meal. 

You will also notice Apple cider. Yes, yes, yes, I know, it’s bizarre. Is it safe, you ask! Yes, absolutely, and it’s even very healthy. 

It’s essential to add apple cider ONLY once a day, and I would even go with a maximum of 4 times a week to be safe. You don’t want to upset your dog’s stomach. 

Regarding the amount, I give a tiny amount when needed with my lovely Shih-Tzu and my two princess Maltese. To be precise, I add 1/4 of a teaspoon of apple cider. Nothing more, and it works a lot! And I have no choice to mix it with a spoon inside their meal, or they won’t eat it because the apple cider smell is very strong and sour, and you don’t want to lose a meal just because of that supplement.

As a side note, if your dog suffers from allergies all year long, Apple cider will help a lot. That’s the reason why I add it to their meal, and it works.

One last thing. There is a timer space on the left side. It’s crucial to write the time your dog eats. That will protect you from overfeeding your dog or making any mistake.

I saw some people skipping a meal because they thought they already did, and the dog was hungry in the middle of the night, so, please, don’t forget to use the timer space.

So, let’s sum up everything!

  1. It is recommended to feed your dog two to three times a day.
  2. Allow around 5 to 6 hours minimum between each meal.
  3. You can add apple cider if you want. It’s ok if you don’t use this ingredient and if you do, add it only once a day for a maximum of 4 days a week.
  4. Adding Curcuma daily but once a day is strongly recommended.
  5. A bowl of raw meat should last a maximum of 4 days in the fridge to be safe. Don’t feed it if the raw meat stink or your dog will be sick, I mean very ill.
  6. I use one Weekly meal planner sheet per week, so it’s best to print at least 20 sheets.
  7. The size of this Dog’s Meal Planner is 8.5×11 inches. If you have a printer with the borderless option, please use it; it will print your sheet much more beautiful!
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If you have any questions regarding the Weekly meal Planner for Dogs, you can ask in the comment section below, and please, don’t forget to share with your friends. It will help their dogs too!

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