Christmas frozen candy

Christmas frozen candy

Christmas frozen candy 1920 620 Recipe for dog

Homemade Christmas Frozen candy

‘Tis the time for spoiling our loved ones!

They are most adorable healthy treats during these festive seasons. These will certainly make your four legged family member asking for more. Easiest frozen dog treats to make at home. Merry Christmas !


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Nutrient Benefits:


If you can give this super antioxidant fruit once a day to your dog, it would be ideal due to the important benefits, but, with no added sugar !

. Vitamins C (boost immunity + promote eye health)
. It regulate blood sugar (sweet alternative for diabetes)
. Folic acid (essential for pregnant dogs)
. Potassium
. Vitamin A


. Potassium-rich (help lower blood pressure + help to prevent heart disease)
. Magnesium (very good for heart)

Almond milk (no sugar added):

. Proteins
. Healthy fats (prevent high blood pressure and heart disease)
. Fiber (healthy digestion)
. Calcium + Vitamin D (Reduce the risk for arthritis and osteoporosis, yes dogs have this too with age. Good for teeth and bones)

Yogurt (no sugar added):

. Probiotics (good bacteria for the digestive system)
. Calcium, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, potassium, and magnesium.