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I often feel small in this vast world when I see animals suffering. I wish to help all of them, but alone it’s impossible. I decided to work with artists around the world to create dog wall arts to help dogs.

If you feel concerned about this cause, you can buy any of these arts, and 75% of your purchase will go to rescue organizations.(To be fair, I do my best to send donations (including mine) every month to different countries, even in the most impoverished area where it’s difficult for them to receive a donation.)

We have been travelling a lot and visited tons of rescue shelters. While this helpless feeling keeps haunting me, that idea was probably the best. The most beautiful part of this project is there are no fees like shipping because you pay for downloads; yay! It means more money to save dogs, woof!

I thank you so much for considering being part of this journey.

Available wall art to download

Instant download bad pug in jail poster

funny pug in jail poster

meow cat art download and print

Meow cat art

funny dog pictures to download

Funny Pug Fiction Dog Poster

funny dog quote wall art to download

funny quotes for depression


namaste dog wall decor

star wars dog wall art to download

Star Wars Dog Wall Art


Free dog wall art prints for bedroom


Free Meal planning for dogs

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Your Purchase will Help

I like to be transparent about everything. Contributions are randomly sent to one of these rescuers once a month, but every one of them will receive a share of your donation once you purchase arts from this page.

It’s an excellent way to help dogs while spoiling yourself with a beautiful wall decor at home. It’s a win-win! Thank you!

Or, you can donate directly to their website.

In Thailand

Michael rescue stray dogs from the horrible meat market in Thailand. Donation helps him to continue his work.

Michael rescued over 1000 homeless dogs from the dog meat trade in nearby Cambodia from the old DMT in Thailand (thankfully, it’s now closed). He is truly a Hero in Thailand.
Thank you so much!

His Facebook with videos

Indonesia, Africa, Philippines, Australia, USA …

From ALL of us in your Network for Animals family,
thank you for your steadfast support and your faithful friendship that have
helped animals in desperate need around the world in 2020.

Viktor Larkhill

Viktor Larkhill has been rescuing tons of dogs with his team in multiple countries. He is a kind of MacGyver for animals. 

I strongly recommend watching his videos to understand more about his work: 

Youtube videos | Facebook videos

特定非営利活動法人 動物愛護団体 エンジェルズ

In Japan

特定非営利活動法人 動物愛護団体 エンジェルズ

Angels is a non-profit organization that rescue animals in Japan. They have helped many animals since 2005.

A few years ago, during the big earthquake in Japan and even during the Fukushima nuclear event, they rescued so many dogs and cats. I was there working in Japan, and I saw them rescuing animals. That’s why I recommend them with a big heart. Donations are what keeps them alive. Thank you!

The Animal Rescue Angels Website

You can contact me if you wish to add your organization here.