Dog Food Recipes

Food is the reason why some dogs are so healthy
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Heal Your Dog With Food

Feeding raw food to dogs is a controversial topic, but it changed my dog’s life.
My three dogs are now 16 years old, and they’re still full of energy, so it worked very well for us.

However, it comes with risk and BIG responsibility.
Is it worth it? Hell yea!!

The result of feeding raw food is so beneficial that I would like to share my best dog food recipes with you!

Dog Food Recipes

The secret to a successful diet? No Fat + Natural Ingredient + Raw Food

christmas treat recipes for dogs

Christmas treat recipes for dogs

15 minutes Preparation Time
homemade carrot dog treats recipe

Carrot Dog Treat Balls

15 minutes Preparation Time

Let’s talk about dogs!

 Q & A with the doggies & Sebastien

These articles’ content is a personal opinion from our experience during these last 16 years with my three dogs paired with multiple attended seminars.

Are stairs safe for dogs 658 574 Recipe for dog

Are stairs safe for dogs

Are stairs dangerous for dogs? Stairs are not safe for dogs (mostly). How to Make Steep Stairs Safer? ADD TRACTION AND LIGHTING! So it’s very simple. Add a beautiful …

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Is duck safe for dogs? 600 385 Recipe for dog

Is duck safe for dogs?

How safe is raw duck meat for your dog?

The answer is yes, It is safe but only if it’s well prepared and what I mean by that is, it’s NOT safe to feed your dog with the whole Duck that includes the fatty part and tiny bones [Raw big bones are harmless but those small sharply ones are not]. Duck contains a lot of fat between the skin and meat which is dangerous to dogs, that’s why you need to remove it by hand with a knife and water. The red meat of the Duck is fatter compared to the yellow/beige part; it’s good to consider as well.

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10 things to consider before getting a new dog 1600 1067 Recipe for dog

10 things to consider before getting a new dog

Having a new dog is one of the most beautiful experience ever. Your life will literally change as it did for me as well at the first time. But I have seen too many irresponsible people letting their dog dying little by little by not giving the proper care and attention. For …

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Why is pulling the leash so wrong ? 1000 668 Recipe for dog

Why is pulling the leash so wrong ?

Strange owner’s habit during daily dog walks.
I just came back from outside. Here in Canada, it’s so freaking cold. Minus 30 degrees to be exact, in March… and i can even feel the super cold freezing at the tip of my fingers. It’s a pain but it’s worth it for the sake of my dogs.

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What to do if your dog ate grass? [Don’t panic, it’s normal] 750 422 Recipe for dog

What to do if your dog ate grass? [Don’t panic, it’s normal]

What to do if your dog ate grass?

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You’re happy, dogs are happy, everybody is happy. It’s a win-win!

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